If you are having technical difficulties with the site, there are a few things you might want to try:

  1. Sign up for Free Access, if you haven't already

    You need an account to access all of the courses on our site. A Free Access account gives you access to our free courses only, but with a Personal or Organisational Membership you can access every course on our site. If you haven't signed up and logged in that can sometimes be the cause of not being able to access courses.

  2. Accessing the website on a different browser

    Do you still get the same issue when you access the site on a different browser? All browsers display webpages slightly differently, so sometimes changing your browser can resolve your issue. This is particularly likely to be an issue if the browser you are using is a version of Internet Explorer. If you use Internet Explorer we would recommend trying Microsoft Edge instead.

  3. Restarting your computer

    It's a cliche, but it's true! Sometimes turning your computer off and on again can resolve an issue

  4. Trying to access the website in a different place

    Understandably, schools often have strict firewalls in place to prevent learners from accessing inappropriate content. Sometimes those firewalls though can block some of the services we use to make the website work for you - like the service that hosts our videos for example. It can often be worth checking if you get the same issue at home, if you're unable to access something on the site - particularly if you are able to access the course, but can't see the video, or you can see your certificate, but are unable to download it.